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Contacting A Barbara Comstock Morse Staff Member
Staff members welcome your emails, notes and calls. Conferences can be easily arranged. The office will take messages anytime and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical. Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important.

Office Staff
Kilolo Umi – Principal
Maria Derus – Vice Principal
Susan Davis– Secretary (temporary)
Marteka Guillory– Office Assistant
Monique Pernell– Office Assistant
Elizabeth Pierce – Psychologist
Madeline Sparman – Inclusive Education Specialist
Shauna Brown– Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist



First Grade
Jennifer Crans
Malena Her
Janelle Montemayor 

Second Grade

Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Support Staff
Computer Teacher
John Benton  |  Computer Lab Blog
Learning Center
PE Teacher
Ms. Liel
Intervention Teachers


Sue Garcia

Bilingual Teaching Associate
Food and Nutrition Services Lead